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Based on the conversations with the national team athletes Ana María Gúzman and Lady Andrade we understood how the victories and challenges they’ve overcome created the players they are today. We established a narrative to empower women in sports and in their daily life, sending a clear message to the world that re-imagines women's self-confidence: Créetela (Believe you belong).

The Problem

Colombia's lack of confidence, excessive thinking, and a feeling of not being good enough obstruct their path to greatness, as they question their worthiness of success and lack the drive to defeat powerful opponents, thereby limiting their ability to imagine victory in new ways.

The Solution

Reimagine victory by exploring the stories of our key athletes, uncovering how their self-belief helped them overcome barriers and make a name for themselves on the world stage, creating a concept that embraces it: CRÉETELA (Believe you belong).

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We’ve been creating miracles from Japan to Scotland, to Brazil and of course our beloved Colombia. Happy to hear from you.