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Medellin, home to one of the biggest teams in Colombia: Atletico Nacional. Every year the club launches its kit for all its fans and that is why we went to the home of the "verdolagas", in the comunas of Medellin. The places that pay tribute to life through graffiti that leave behind a violent past. Today that LIFE is mixed with the GREEN breathed in every corner of Medellin, something that represents very well the fans of Nacional. We took this same idea to launch this new KIT through a concept we call "THE GREEN OF MY LIFE".

The Problem

Atletico Nacional’s fans felt the team and its communication efforts estranged from the core of the club. The launch of the new jersey was the perfect opportunity to reconnect with the fan base in a way that they could relate.

The Solution

We created a concept where the style and language the fans use to support the team in their streets, their neighborhoods became the inspiration for our campaign.

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We’ve been creating miracles from Japan to Scotland, to Brazil and of course our beloved Colombia. Happy to hear from you.