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For us, each friend and loved one is a star that lights up our family system, so when one of them dies, that light disappears and we lose a part of our life.

The Problem

Traffic accidents are a global public health problem that every year causes the death of approximately 1.35 million people worldwide. In Bogotá alone, during 2022, 536 citizens died due to traffic accidents. This is why we had to call on citizens to protect human and animal life on the street, changing their behavior with clear and forceful messages.

The Solution

We turned Bogota into a museum to raise awareness among citizens, creating scenarios that brought impactful stories in different formats and media, thus achieving a 360º campaign. "No Más Muertes en las Vías" began, with a star shower through an immersive video using the dome of the District Planetarium as a stage, we took the facades of strategic areas of the city to replicate the message, the bus stops were intervened with obituaries where people understood that it could be their name written there,we also design a web with a digital counter of "estrellas en las vías".

Let's Talk!

We’ve been creating miracles from Japan to Scotland, to Brazil and of course our beloved Colombia. Happy to hear from you.